2 thoughts on “1. Get steady traffic from the search engines with this basic SEO knowledge

  1. edy

    Hi man,
    I really enjoy your course here.
    One thing that I always want to fix in my wordpress website, is the Loading Speed. My Google Analytics shows me that on average, I have 6 – 7s load time. I have tried literally everything, but it never get improved. Look forward to see you make a video on this. :)

    1. The Lightbulb Guy Post author

      Hello Edy,

      Yes, there’s a video on that subject – you can check video 4 for this. With an old website sometimes it is a pain in the ass to make a website load faster. Especially if you are on a shared hosting. If you want to – I can take a look. Email me at thelightbulbguy@wplightbulb.com

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